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About us from MIM Hamburg

The Marine- und Industriemontage GmbH (MIM) from Hamburg has been the German distributor of Chockfast® marine and industrial products since 1976. Through our years of experience with epoxy resins in shipbuilding, we have gained much experience with these materials. We are also the partner in the casting of gas compressors and concrete repair industry, which can be carried out with epoxy resins.

In order to illustrate the variety of repair options with epoxy resins in shipbuilding and industry as well as other services, we have opened this webshop. So our customers and other interested parties can get new ideas for the use of Epoxis in different areas.

In addition to Chockfast® epoxy resins for marine and industrial applications, we also offer anchor systems and epoxy coatings for a variety of applications, such as: B. to repair or coat the pump housing to avoid further wear. We offer grouting with Chockfast® epoxy resins for marine propulsion systems, engines, gearboxes, steering gear and stabilizers, as well as industrial grouting such as concrete repair, compressor and engine casting on concrete foundations, anchor bolt repair, crack injection for broken concrete foundations and resin.

In addition to the grouting work, we also offer related services such as new core drilling and installation of new anchor systems or the alignment of machinery and equipment in the marine and industrial sectors such as laser alignment of machines and equipment including 3D load tracking, to the plants after dismantling and repair again with millimeter accuracy to be mounted in the same place. So z. For example, no piping will be rebuilt and tested. Advantage of laser alignment is a very precise alignment of the components to each other. This results in a low-vibration running and less wear due to reduced bearing loads.

The calculation and submission of foundations for classification societies (eg DNV GL) is also included in our service portfolio. For further services and products, please contact us.